Customer Queue Calculator Download

Thank you for registering to download the Customer Queue Calculator. The calculator is built in Excel and enables you to:

  • Estimate base staff requirements for any half hour.
  • Gain a wealth of related insight on customer delay times, employee occupancy (amount of time they are directly helping customers), and other variables.
  • Predict the workload that will be carried by systems (if applicable).
  • Illustrate the “power of one”—the impact each employee has on customers and other employees.

You will need to Enable Macros when you open the calculator in Excel. You will find information on how to use the calculator and a contact for support in the Instructions tab. The calculator is generally compatible with Excel for Windows and Mac. (It is not currently compatible with all MacBook Air configurations running Excel for Mac, although accessing a Windows version of Excel is a workaround.)

If you have difficulty downloading the file, please contact your IT department or Debbie Harne at

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