Why Brad Cleveland?

Global experience:

He has worked with organizations in 45 States and 60 countries.

World-leading practices:

30 years of leadership have provided a powerful repository of trends and best practices. He can help you successfully navigate the fast-evolving omnichannel world.


Through his work with the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), he can bring an unparalleled depth of resources and support to virtually any project.


He is 100% independent of technology suppliers.

Multichannel services:

Brad’s speaking, research, writing and consulting services complement each other and provide clients with a full range of options.

Cross-vertical experience:

Brad has worked with organizations ranging from small start-ups to national governments and multinational corporations, across a wide range of verticals.

An approach that works:

His focus is on people, processes, technology and strategy (isolated solutions don’t work).

Passion for great results:

Brad is focused on helping organizations understand and thrive in the new era of customer relationships.