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October 2021
Good Governance Boosts Customer Experience Innovation
The term “governance” might feel out of place in the context of customer experience innovation. But as a customer experience consultant, I’ve found the opposite to be true.

Destination CRM
September 2021
7 Ways to See Your Business From Your Customers’ Perspective
The most successful leaders don’t rely solely on data to tell them what’s happening. They take steps to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. Here are seven ways to start.

July 2021
Three Surprising Facts About Customer Experience
Despite their best efforts and intentions, many customer experience leaders and teams end up missing three crucial — and surprising — facts about customer experience.
July 2021
Navigating Labor Shortage in Customer Service: 3 Steps You Can Take Now
When labor shortages affect customer services, team leaders might already have planned solutions. However, three essential steps can help CS teams both in the short-term and long term.

Young Startups
June 2021
Want To Deliver A Great Customer Experience? Give Your Employees A Voice
If you’re beginning your company’s journey to be more customer-focused, it’s time to get comfortable with a paradigm shift: employee experience.

CEOWorld Magazine
June 2021
5 Universal Customer Frustrations
Resolving service frustrations is often among the first stops for any organization working to improve their customer experience. Here are five universal frustrations that can point you in the right direction.

May 2021
Tips for Involving Everyone in Customer Experience Innovation
Innovation is a cool word, but at its heart is change. So you have to be intentional about encouraging and enabling innovation.

International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)
April 2021
Equipping Your Agents to Be Customer Advocates
Customer advocacy doesn’t happen on its own. But if you’ve aligned these five components, you’ll be strongly on track to developing your contact center agents into customer advocates.
December 2020
Six Dynamics That Drive Customer Experience And Your Business
There are six dynamics essential to business and customer experience leaders — we can call them the “CX sixpack.” While any one of these variables could be misleading in isolation, they make a lot of sense when interpreted together and they will benefit you if you make a practice of following them.

November 2021
The Psychology of Queues: How Customers Perceive Being on Hold
Customers respond better when they know how long the wait will be, but their patience isn’t unlimited.

International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)
June 2020
How Quality and Service Level Work Together
In contact centers, quality and service level are inextricably associated with, and complementary to, each other.

CMS Wire
May 2020
Deluged by Customer Contacts? Every Agent Counts
Agents who are helping manage the workload affect service level — in a good way — far more than they may realize.

April 2020
How To Build A Cross-Functional Team And Improve Your ROI On Customer Service
Leaders must begin thinking about returns on customer service investments in a new way.

April 2020
How Long Are Customers Willing to Wait?
There are seven factors that guide customer intolerance for being locked in queues.

CMS Wire
March 2020
Controlling Contact Center Costs the Right Way
Yes: It is possible to control costs and maintain services that support your brand and great customer experiences.

February 2020
Creating Positive Customer Referrals
Do you want to boost customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth? You’re not alone. It’s powerful to have a customer base that acts as a salesforce for your brand.

June 2019
10 Ways to Boost Customer Self-Service
Involve agents in setting up self-service processes so they will be more likely to accept and promote them.

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