Customer Advocacy: An Essential Ingredient

Customer advocacy is one of those terms that can be confusing. Does the customer advocate for us, the business? Or is it the other way around? One of the past issues of The Edge of Service® Newsletter suggests the answers to these questions is both!

Take a few minutes to read this issue (The Edge of Service® Newsletter Issue 21: Customer Advocacy) and learn how customer advocacy is an essential ingredient for success. Feel free to share it with others to help spark a discussion with your team.

The Edge of Service® Newsletter Issue 21: Customer Advocacy

If you do a search for customer advocacy, you’ll find many different definitions. But they all tend to fall into one of two general categories.

One is an internal perspective: focusing the organization on what’s best for customers, creating great customer experiences, advocating for them, and helping them resolve problems. This is the prevailing view in customer service and operations circles.

The other is an external perspective…Read more.