Emotion as a Key Driver in Customer Loyalty

Earlier this year, Forrester released its “2014 Customer Experience Index,” which ranked 150-or-so brands across 14 industries. Here’s a sampling of top brands by sector:

  • Airline:shutterstock_225470602 copy Southwest
  • Bank: USAA
  • Consumer Electronics: Amazon
  • Credit Card: USAA
  • Health Insurance: Kaiser Permanente
  • Hotel: Marriott
  • Insurance: USAA
  • Retailer: Old Navy
  • Package Delivery: UPS
  • Wireless: Verizon

An interesting takeaway: the study identifies emotion as a key driver in customer loyalty, along with ease and effectiveness. Here’s a link that takes you to results, with rankings by sector. The research firm is expected to publish new results in early 2015.