Quality and First-Contact Resolution: From the Agent’s Perspective

Quality and first contact resolution are essential aspects of effective service. Handling contacts with quality is at the heart of a customer service agent’s role in the organization.

First contact resolution is an outcome of quality, really an extension. Better quality minimizes repeat calls and rework, and customers double-checking because they lack confidence. The time the customer spends with you may be lengthened, but that’s far preferable to making the customer wait hours or days for a resolution.

Increasing first contact resolution boosts efficiency, and helps make your job more enjoyable. It feels great to be able to resolve an issue on the spot, with quality. It feels great for you and the customer.

Learn more about quality and first contact resolution in this video from my LinkedIn Learning Course Customer Service: Working in a Customer Contact Center. Feel free to share it with others in your organization who also serve customers.

Quality and first-contact resolution from Customer Service: Working in a Customer Contact Center by Brad Cleveland