Staffing for Weekends

Here’s an idea: If you’re a consumer-facing service operation and want to stand out from the crowd, be there for your customers on weekends. That’s when many are checking accounts, kicking around options for the renovation, paying utility bills, and booking that trip to see Aunt Mae.

shutterstock_274135496 weekendI’ve had a number of clients see workloads increase on weekends in recent years. This shouldn’t be a surprise given our always-on culture. Perhaps we shouldn’t think about these hours as add-ons to the “normal” week (which isn’t always the most convenient for customers because they’re busy with their work weeks, schools, and commitments).

One caveat: I certainly support the thinking behind organizations who have conscientiously decided to give themselves and their customers a break; there’s deep historical precedent and wisdom there. (Of course, if you’re an airline, hotel or crisis line, you don’t have that luxury—it’s 24x7x365.)

My point is this: If you do have the option and decide to offer extended hours on weekends, do them right, not half way. Keep an eye on forecasts and service levels, staff these hours well, and your customers will be very appreciative.