The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #3 – They Know that Their People Are the Key to Success

Cultures vary dramatically from one organization to the next. You’d likely notice some hairstyles that you don’t see every day at some tech contact centers. Some centers who cater to a younger workforce have break room amenities, such as video game consoles, that put most others to shame. Other centers, especially those who serve business customers, maintain a somewhat more formal, polished atmosphere. But regardless of the specifics, a people-first philosophy is evident in the best-managed contact centers.

shutterstock_319996529 peopleNancy Tichbon, vice president of Customer Care, Virgin Mobile Canada and Bell Mobility/Bell Residential Service, put it this way: “It just makes sense to us: If our people are happy and motivated, our customers are going to have a great experience. And it goes without saying that if our customers are satisfied, our shareholders will be delighted. Thus, if we live by this value … ultimately, everyone wins.”

The most important implication of the trends in the best-managed contact centers is clear: Your people are the key to success.

Excerpt from Call Center Management on Fast Forward, Brad Cleveland.