The Edge of Service: Principles of Effective Budgeting

It’s that time of the year, and as you head into budgets and budget presentations, I encourage you to make them as complete as they need to be — but as brief and to the point as possible.

In a recent issue of The Edge of Service®, I include an excerpt from one of the LinkedIn Learning Courses that I’ve authored and delivered over the past several years.

As I’ve created these courses for LinkedIn Learning, the challenge has been presenting each subject with as much clarity and brevity as possible. Each course includes around 20 videos of three or so minutes each—about a one-hour total run time.

The budgeting process has a similar challenge. Budgets must be clear, but brief. I hope you find the principles helpful as you meet this challenge. You might even turn the budgeting process – an obligation that few enjoy – into a positive and enlightening conversation that you and others really look forward to!

Read more about budgeting in The Edge of Service®, Issue 30: Principles of Effective Budgeting.