Principle #7: Skills, Knowledge and Leadership Make the Difference

What’s the real secret to improving performance? Build the skills, knowledge and leadership in your team to make it all happen. That, along with the right culture and focus, is the secret sauce.

Organizations are made up of people with myriad personalities, backgrounds and skills. Success depends on creating an engaging environment and bringing out the best in everyone who is part of it. But, as many leaders have learned (some the hard way), off-the-shelf prescriptions and simplistic formulas tend to fail.

Fortunately, there are principles that don’t change and that you can trust. For example, be consistent and relentlessly focused on the values that matter. Lead by example. Set the right performance expectations. Encourage involvement and work hard to establish good channels of communication. Give people the chance to learn and grow. Expect the best.

Your team is the most important source of success, now and in the future.

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