What if you could improve customer experience, employee engagement, and financial performance?

What would it be worth to you, your customers, your organization?

What if…

  • You could harness the full combined potential of social, mobile, the contact center, peer communities, and self-service capabilities, to reach and serve customers where they are?
  • Your entire management team understood the organization-wide role of customer experience, and what each part of the organization does to support your customers?
  • Your executives and managers all spoke the same language, and focused on the same objectives and metrics?
  • You could reduce customer workload just 1%, due to higher levels of first contact resolution or preventing unnecessary work before it happens?
  • You could reduce customer churn just 1% due to consistency in service, a better reputation, and positive word of mouth?
  • Your brand reputation were to spread more quickly (for the right reasons!), more positively, and to the right audience?
  • You built a customer-focused operation right for today and ready for tomorrow?

Integrated, customer-focused service delivers powerful returns through:

  • Extraordinary loyalty
  • Strong customer relationships
  • High levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improved market share
  • Customer-driven quality and innovation
  • Highly leveraged marketing
  • Additional sales and revenue
  • Cost efficiencies (right channel for the right purpose)
  • Positive brand recognition and reputation
  • Exponential positive word-of-mouth


“Brad Cleveland knows more about customer relationships than anyone on the planet.”

Alan Weiss
Million Dollar Consulting