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You know the conundrum. Hire a speaker who is… well, a good speaker, but who lacks deep content or presents an overly-generic message. Or, bring in someone who has the content, but lacks the delivery necessary to engage, challenge and motivate your attendees to take action.

With Brad Cleveland, this problem is solved! Brad is rated one of today’s top speakers on customer service and customer experience topics – he brings an unparalleled combination of know-how, behind the scenes examples, humor, and (above all) practical, cutting-edge content that will ensure your group is engaged, challenged, and focused on the priorities and opportunities ahead. Get your executive team meeting, conference or corporate event started right!

Typical topics include:

Thriving in the New Era of Customer Experience

The confluence of economic changes, new communication capabilities, social communities, and evolving customer expectations has fueled fundamental changes that are leaving no organization untouched. Every forward-thinking leadership team is asking, what do these changes mean to our organization? Customer experience? Our plans and direction? As a result, customer-facing services are undergoing their most significant “upgrade” ever – touching people, processes, technologies, and strategy – as they become increasingly central in organization-wide efforts to understand and meet customer expectations. In this forward-looking keynote, author and consultant Brad Cleveland – who has had a front row seat in his work with organizations across the globe – defines the deep changes taking place, and the steps you need to take now to prepare your organization, your team and yourself to thrive in the months and years ahead.

Viva Opportunity! Boosting Your Contact Center’s Value and Visibility

This eye-opening session, designed for senior level managers, establishes a practical understanding of contact centers: their role, the environment in which they operate, and how they can be harnessed to produce better business results and higher levels of customer loyalty. Themes covered are based on three building blocks that include:

  • Optimizing contact center operations (understanding unique contact center dynamics)
  • Boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Driving strategic value and harnessing the voice of the customer

Key topics include unique management challenges, metrics, the emerging omnichannel environment and the changing nature of customer expectations. The session is appropriate for those new to contact centers and veterans alike, and leads to a high level of engagement around improvement opportunities and leading practices.


How Every Organization Must Evolve – to Serve Today’s Always-On Customers

We are witnessing – daily, literally before our eyes – the emergence of the most powerful customer movement in history. Evolving customer expectations and fundamental changes in communications and service delivery are leaving no organization untouched. Good customer service experiences turn into positive word of mouth that attracts market share, strengthens brands, and boosts business results. Bad experiences – even if they are one in many thousands of interactions from an internal perspective – are quickly and negatively reflected in ratings, blogs and tweets, and through a multitude of social networks. As a result, customer service operations – really, entire organizations – are undergoing enormous change and development. Some of these efforts are paying off handsomely, while others are leading to costly dead ends. What do you need to do to get it right? How do you get the organization on board? What steps can you take now to position your organization to thrive in the days ahead?

Join the Conversation! How to Incorporate Social and Mobile into Customer Service Operations

Customer expectations are changing rapidly, as social media, mobile communications, and ubiquitous access to broadband services become pervasive. How do you become part of the conversation? How are the best organizations upgrading their strategies and operations to successfully tackle this opportunity? Who owns these efforts? Who handles the workload? How do performance objectives change? What priorities are most important in this evolution? Join Brad Cleveland as he lays out a road map for meeting this challenge – and positioning your organization to serve the emerging social/mobile customer.


Customer Service is Marketing

Engaging today’s always-on, über-networked customers presents enormous opportunity for organizations that harness the full potential of social tools by combining contact center capabilities with the data- and sentiment-rich environment of peer communities. When real customer service is present, focused and operationalized in the dynamic social media environment – and backed by the organization – it creates powerful experiences that lead to extraordinary loyalty, exponential brand growth, and above-market business results. 
Join Brad Cleveland as he reveals the secrets to delivering social customer service that enables your organization thrive!

Thriving – by Helping Your Clients Thrive in the New Era of Communications
(Special session for vendors and consultants of customer experience solutions)

We are witnessing – daily, literally before our eyes – the emergence of a powerful new era in communications. The confluence of economic factors, cultural developments, and the rapid rise of social, mobile, and other communications technologies has fueled fundamental changes that are leaving no organization untouched. As a result, internal and customer-facing communication services in client organizations are undergoing their most significant “upgrade” ever – encompassing people, processes, technologies, and strategy. In this inspiring and practical keynote, Brad will summarize the opportunities these developments are bringing to vendors and consultants. He’ll outline steps you must take to help your clients survive and thrive in today’s fast-changing environment.

Other keynote topics include:

  • Understanding Today’s Powerful Consumer Movement… and What it Means to Your Organization
  • Shaping Your Customer Access Strategy for The New Era of Customer Experience
  • Traits of World’s Best Contact Centers
  • What Senior Level Managers Must Know About Service Delivery in Today’s Economy
  • Executive Briefing: What the Best Organizations Do Best
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