For over thirty years, Brad has helped clients deliver exceptional service and prepare for significant and ongoing changes in customer needs. He has worked with organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial start-ups to national governments and multinational corporations.

Consulting is completely customized to your needs, budget and time frame, and may include Brad only, or a larger team depending on your objectives. Through his work with the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), Brad can assemble an industry-leading team of experts, with an unparalleled depth of resources and support, for virtually any project. Projects generally fall into these categories:

  • Improve your customer experience strategy. Brad will work with your team to identify strengths, improvement opportunities, and what you need to do now to thrive in the emerging environment.
  • Troubleshoot and improve problem areas. Whether it’s a low or inconsistent service level; quality efforts that are not producing sufficient improvement; too many or not the right metrics; cross-functional communication breakdowns, or simply being overwhelmed by the never-ending customer workloads, Brad can help! He’ll enable you to get to the bottom of what you need to improve conditions for your organization, your employees, and your customers.
  • Develop powerful internal presentations. Need your presentation to internal audiences or investors to really pop? Brad will help you key in on the right messages, and create and practice a presentation that will knock their socks off – and get you the funding, buy-in and support your project needs.
  • Establish the right measures and objectives. Are you measuring the right things? Are your measures and objectives creating positive, sustained change – or lots of reports that go unread and unheeded? Brad will help you measure and communicate the right things, and act on them to produce ever better results.

Example projects include:

  • Work with a leading pharmaceutical to build an internal awareness of the importance and role of customer contact services, and to establish effective cross-functional teams.
  • Help an industry non-profit to design and roll out standards and certification for management level professionals.
  • Assist a U.S. federal agency with oversight responsibilities in crafting sensible customer service standards for organizations providing essential data services.
  • Work with one of today’s most recognized companies (as measured by customer satisfaction) to design an internal management educational program that will help transition operations into nimble, omnichannel services equipped to meet changing customer needs.
  • Help a large insurance company improve service level and quality planning and management – leading to more consistent service delivery and proportionally lower costs.
Brad will work with you to design an approach that is scaled and right for your needs – ranging from an afternoon strategy briefing to help you home in on direction, to a hands-on project that ensures your plans are implemented successfully.
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