These worksheets provide helpful frameworks for considering customer expectations, metrics and other aspects of customer service and customer experience.

  • Customer Expectations – Use this worksheet to describe your customers’ expectations. Space is included for you to identify potential quality standards and how systems and processes can help deliver services that meet expectations.
  • Customer Access Strategy – A customer access strategy (CAS) is a framework that defines how customers can interact with your organization to access the information, services and expertise they need. As with a business plan, a customer access strategy can take many different forms. This worksheet itemizes the ten components that should be part of your plan and provides space for notes relating to each component.
  • Traits of Engaged Employees – Use this worksheet to consider six traits of employee engagement. There is space to note the prevalence of each trait, improvement opportunities, and next steps.
  • Seven Aspects of Service and Supporting Metrics – This worksheet identifies seven key aspects of customer service and provides example metrics for each. Use the space provided to identify metrics that make sense in your environment, along with gaps and improvement opportunities.