Leading the Customer Experience

How to Chart a Course and Deliver Outstanding Results
(May 25, 2021, 280 pages)
Many organizations and leaders struggle to respond effectively to fast-evolving customer expectations driven by innovations in products, services and technologies such as AI and mobile. Failing to build the necessary strategy, culture and processes, they suffer from high costs, dissatisfied customers and brand damage.

The mandate to get customer experience right is real and urgent. Leading the Customer Experience is a guide to shaping experiences that win loyalty and deliver outstanding business results. It provides a bold, step-by-step approach that will get you and your team pointed in the right direction. And equipped to make sound decisions along the way.

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What others are saying about Leading the Customer Experience

“Sooner or later, every successful business realizes that customer experience is the experience that really matters. Brad’s book lays out the road map for any leader who wants to make a difference for the customers they serve.”
Seth Godin
author of This Is Marketing
“In his book, Brad Cleveland generously gives his considerable years of experience in leadership and methodology to his readers. Read it, swallow it up and use it to advance your course!”
Jeanne Bliss
Author, Chief Customer Officer 2.0
Cofounder, Customer Experience Professionals Association
“In this time of significant change, this book can help you and your team chart a successful course to the future. Everyone has a role in delivering a great customer experience, and it makes relevant principles clear, and easy to understand and apply.”
Anna Toikka
Head of Customer Center and External Sales/Odd Magnus Barstad
Head of Claims, If P&C Insurance (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
“Now, more than ever, every organization must innovate to stay relevant, to stay on top. This book outlines a step-by-step approach to listening to your customers, engaging your employees and delivering products and services they love.”
Robert Pasin
Chief Wagon Officer (CEO), Radio Flyer

Contact Center Management on Fast Forward

Succeeding in the New Era of Customer Experience
(4th Edition, August 19, 2019, 514 pages)
Contact Center Management on Fast Forward is the most widely read book on contact center management available today. Trusted for its accuracy, clarity and proven guidance, it has become required reading in organizations around the world. Now, this fourth edition is updated new guidance on customer expectations, omnichannel, social media, performance metrics, strategy, and much more!

What others are saying about Contact Center Management on Fast Forward

“Contact Center Management on Fast Forward is the ‘go-to’ resource for our contact centre leaders. This update cements this book’s position as the leading reference in this fast-changing industry.”
Bridget Brill
General Manager, Operations Management Division
Department of Human Services, Commonwealth of Australia
“Brad Cleveland is a towering intellect in the domain of strategy and operations. Those who have had the good fortune to hear him speak, or work side-by-side with him will know exactly what I mean. But those are Brad’s hit singles; this new book is a “best of” compilation album.”
A. Roger Paulson
Customer Service Practice Director, UW E-Business Consortium, University of Wisconsin–Madison
“Brad Cleveland takes you beyond technology and processes to the crux of the challenge, making your staff successful in a manner that boosts customer loyalty and enhances positive word-of-mouth.”
John Goodman
Vice Chairman, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting
“Outstanding … Contact Center Management on Fast Forward has served as a blueprint, guide, training manual and crutch for me and my leadership team to lean on. This is essential and a must-read for all professionals, even those outside of the customer service space.”
Paul L. Turner
Vice President, Health Operations, WebMD