Written Testimonials

What others are saying about Brad’s speaking and consulting:

(Titles and personnel often change; testimonials are presented in the form they were received)

“Brad Cleveland knows more about customer relationships than anyone on the planet.”
Alan Weiss
Million Dollar Consulting

“Brad brings such a huge breadth of experience and offers a degree of insight that helps people to see things differently. Members take something new away that they can do something about in their own roles to make a difference to their customers and their business.”
Paul Smedley
Founder and Chair, Professional Planning Forum
former Planning and Operations Manager
British Airways (UK)

“Your presentation was the highest rated of all presentations and breakouts. Great job!”
Al Hukle
Rockwell International

“You’ll be happy to know that this was one of the top rated events for this conference in its history.”
Mike Trotter
Executive Director
Center for Customer Driven Quality
Purdue University

“In these days of social media, we can’t afford to just live in the present. We need a future, and we need a vision for the future. Brad will take tried and true proven processes, and work with you to synergistically design new processes and new techniques that will deliver transparent ROI to help you build and ensure your future.”
Todd Hixson
Operations Manager

“Brad has kept up being at the absolute forefront, when it comes to technologies, strategies, tactics – anything to do with how to make your customers feel great about dealing with you – Brad’s the guy who knows.”
George Walther
NSA Hall of Fame Speaker and author of
Upside Down Marketing
and other best selling books.

“The time you spent with us exceeded my already high expectations. This level of understanding will help focus our efforts to improve service to our employees and customers.”
Mont Wright
Ford Motor Company

“Brad Cleveland wrote the book on managing the customer experience. He’s a thought leader, an author, international speaker and business consultant. Use him to jump-start the conversation to improve customer experience, or as an expert to benchmark your current operation.”
Mary Murcott
CEO Novo1 and
Former Senior VP
American Express

“Brad’s long term association with customer management and his unique perspective on trends and predictive patterns in business make him an absolute necessity for us to be supplying cutting edge content for our event.”
Jonathon Collins
Portfolio Director
United Business Media
(United Kingdom)

“Brad Cleveland leads the way; again and again.”
Henk Verbooy
Chief Editor
CCM Magazine
The Netherlands

“[Brad is] one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and authors in the industry.”
Alliance for Technology Education

“Far too many organizations are failing to live up to their potential and, in doing so, are failing in their responsibility to really make a difference.’ So says Brad Cleveland… it’s the type of fearless yet perceptive assessment that plenty of people don’t want to hear, but one that means his opinions are exactly what many others around the world do want to hear.”
Greg Adams
TUANZ Topics
New Zealand

“Your presentation helped to make this conference one of the most effective we have ever experienced. The wealth of information you provided in such a short time frame was extremely beneficial to our management staff.”
Donnell Adams
Associate Commissioner
U.S. Social Security Administration

“Brad is one of the most dynamic speakers and writers that I’ve ever encountered in my career, and certainly that we’ve had at ICMI.”
Layne Holley
Director of Community Services, ICMI

“It is safe to say that, while the time you spent with us was only two days, the positive impact will be felt for many years to come.”
Bob McManus
Manager, Electronic Client Services
Revenue Canada

“Your keynote address was so inspirational and your spirit and enthusiasm is contagious.”
Veronica Eagan
MVA Reengineering Team
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

“The material itself was right on target. However, your presentation of this large volume of material in one day is what produced the ‘rave reviews’ you received.”
Helen Murray
Humana Healthcare

“Your knowledge and background, combined with your enthusiasm and motivation, made this seminar a worthwhile experience for us. We would strongly recommend it to any organization.”
Darlene Van Der Zyde
Help Desk Manager

Brad is a lively and knowledgeable presenter who gets the message across with ease, and insists on regular breaks so your bulging brain has a fighting chance!
Call Centre Focus Magazine
United Kingdom

“You will be delighted to know that many of our managers have put your teachings to work and are reaping the benefits in terms of forecasting workloads and determining resources.”
Mary Delgado
Australian Tax Office

What others are saying about Brad’s books and research:

(Titles and personnel often change; testimonials are presented as received)

“This book is an excellent resource on how you can build a framework to remain dynamic, ensure long-term success, and deliver a consistent customer experience.”
Glenn Gemmill
VP Customer Care Center
Coca-Cola Refreshments

“This is the ‘go to’ reference for all contact center professionals! If you want to stay on the cutting edge and further develop your customer experience strategy, this book is your ‘must read.’”
Mary Ann C. Monroe
Director, Contact Center Services, Federal Citizen Information Center
Office of Citizen Services
U.S. General Services Administration

“This book leads the way for brands to benefit in a constantly changing world that requires reinvention to succeed with your customers.”
Jose Vasquez-Mendez
Vice President, Customer Service United Kingdom
American Express

“Get it! Read it! Highlight it! Share the knowledge with everyone who needs to understand and value the ‘front door to the customer.’”
Phyllis Batson
Vice President, Customer Contact
Exelon – Energy Delivery

“A first class work and a much-needed tool for codifying and standardizing the technical language of this important working environment.”
Ron Zemke
Co-author of the Knock Your Socks Off Service book series

“These are the building blocks of knowledge and key insights that anyone [in a customer support center] needs — and can — relate to!”
Brett Frazer
Regional Customer Service Manager, Asia Pacific Region

“This book continues to be the one that I hand out regularly.”
Katherine Gregg
Group Manager,

“This book will go a long way toward ensuring that we are speaking the same language.”
Cynthia Ward Jeffries
Former Director, National Call Center
U.S. Federal Communications Commission