An Overview of My New Book

By Brad Cleveland

I’m very excited that the new version of Call Center Management on Fast Forward (with the subtitle, Succeeding in the New Era of Customer Relationships) is now available.

This is the third edition. The last major rewrite was in 2006 so it was high time to get this done and out there. I’ve been traveling, doing a lot of listening, and looking at what is happening… and as you would expect we cover much more on social media, multi-channel, home agents, new metrics and the recent trends that are driving progress in the industry. The book is about 500 pages; dozens of companies are mentioned or profiled; and, there are over 130 charts and graphs. It is for anyone who works in, manages, supports, or oversees a customer contact center.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in many organizations is that they try to deliver service without having a complete management process or an effective road map. That is the purpose of this new book, and I hope you enjoy it and find that it is well worth your time.

Copyright 2015, Brad Cleveland.

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