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Are you refocusing on great service? Intent on getting everyone on board with your customer experience initiatives? Believe it’s time to once and for all to break down departmental barriers and cultivate an entire organization that is focused on delivering exceptional service and value? Kick start these efforts now!

Through Brad’s association with the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI,, he can deliver a wide range of educational programs directly to your management team, covering every aspect of how to deliver exceptional service – and win in today’s economy.

Programs are structured to meet your specific needs, and are based on the best content and facilitation available today – ensuring that you meet your business objectives. Brad’s approach includes the latest content, stats and stories that lead to an “aha” around every corner, and lots of engagement with those who attend. The objective is to encourage what the training world refers to as Level 3 and Level 4 value: application to the job and impact on your business.

Typical topics include:

Boosting the Strategic Value of Customer Interaction (this can be a keynote session)

In today’s challenging economy, leading organizations are discovering how to boost the strategic value of customer interaction, while cultivating the buy-in and support they need from the broader organization. The payoff includes services that are more consistent and effective, resulting in higher customer satisfaction (internal and external) and better returns to the organization. In this interactive discussion, you’ll identify key ways to boost the value of your services, and the processes and tools that can help. You will see how others in the industry are prioritizing investments, and learn how complementary self-service and social strategies are helping to drive value and higher returns. Topics covered include:

  • What today’s customers expect
  • The three dimensions of value – efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic value
  • The key business objectives and metrics that facilitate value creation
  • Investment priorities revealed in spending data
  • Structuring your organization for optimum collaboration and support
  • How to measure the returns (ROI) of service-improvement initiatives

The Principles of Effective Contact Center Management

This popular course covers the skills and knowledge you absolutely, positively must have to run an effective contact center. In step-by-step format, Brad walks you through principles that will remain with you throughout your career! Topics include the immutable laws and service dynamics that are part of any customer contact environment; what it takes to accurately forecast, staff and schedule; the tradeoffs between service level, agent occupancy, staff and costs; how service level and quality are highly interrelated; how to apply time-tested management principles to emerging contact channels, i.e., social, text, mobile and video; and, how to explain these principles to others in your organization and get them on board. Whether you are a new manager or a veteran in search of a dependable refresher, this session provides the essential knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in today’s fast-evolving environment!

Measuring Service Delivery Effectiveness

Find out which metrics are the most important to identify, measure, track, improve and communicate to make the biggest impact on the effectiveness of your contact center. You’ll start by defining the metrics that reflect your strategy and how you can use them to drive behavior. You’ll also go through key metrics themes that will guide you in measuring what matters. Next you’ll study five major categories of metrics. For each category, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the primary and supporting metrics for each category and the correct use of these metrics. You’ll learn how these key metrics are interrelated and how to report your progress. Through practical, proven techniques, you’ll leverage key metrics findings so you can identify the root causes of inefficiencies in order to make corrections for improvement. You’ll also be able to quantitatively highlight your successes!

A Crash Course in Service Level, Quality and Productivity

This eye-opening seminar unlocks the secrets of harnessing service level and quality. As taught by Brad, this lively course is a must for directors, managers, analysts and those in support positions. In step-by-step format, you’ll learn fundamental dynamics behind between service level, occupancy, service level, trunkload and staff requirements – and what it takes to put it all together to create a great experience for customers. Whether you are a new manager or a veteran in search of a dependable update, this session provides the knowledge and confidence you need to excel in today’s demanding moment-by-moment customer interaction environment.

Other seminar topics include:

  • Mobile Customer Support: What it Takes to Get it Right
  • Executive Roundtable: Shaping Your Services For Success (Workshop with Top Level Management)
  • Social Media in Customer Service: Understanding the Basics
  • What Senior Level Managers Need to Know about Contact Centers
  • Developing an Effective Customer Access Strategy
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