The Best Managed Contact Centers: #7 – They View the Contact Center as a Total Process 

Contact centers that consistently get the best results view the operation as a total process. This viewpoint takes many forms:

  • Ensure that everyone in the contact center, and those with key supporting roles outside the center, have a basic understanding of how contact centers operate.
  • Recognize the process to be where most quality problems occur — and also where the opportunities for improvement in services and reductions in costs reside.
  • Develop an effective, collaborative planning and management 
  • Take the initiative in coordinating with other departments.
  • Be prepared to respond to changing conditions.CC process
  • Understand how the contact center supports the organization’s direction.

The days of the contact center existing as an island unto itself — “That’s our customer contact center, and they handle sales and customer service” — are gone. The reality is that the contact center is an important part of a much bigger process.

Excerpt from Call Center Management on Fast Forward, Brad Cleveland.