Are We There for Our Customers When They Need Us?

CXM Today recently interviewed me for their publication. We discussed a range of topics on the minds of customer experience professionals, including ROI, customer behavior and drivers of new technologies.

Here’s an excerpt with a link to read the full interview.

What challenges do you foresee while enterprises secure seamless customer experience in a post-pandemic world? 

Brad Cleveland's interview with CXM TodayThe first is essential resource management, and this has been a challenge for many years at the primary level, but with the pandemic and supply chain issues across the world, the context is becoming more complex. Getting the right resources, staff, suitable systems, and tools to handle that workload. 

Another challenge is hiring and keeping the right people at work. We need a team that is engaged and switched on. We need our employees to stay with us and to get experience. Further, omnichannel continues to be challenging for many organizations—true omnichannel is where there is a seamless experience for customers. We will see these challenges attract attention in the coming months, and the best organizations will use them to their advantage to lead and make a difference. Read more.