Boosting the Strategic Value of Customer Interactions

One of the most important leadership priorities in today’s economy is to ensure that your customer contact center delivers maximum strategic value to your organization. That, in turn, is what will get you the support you need from colleagues across the organization. It’s what will secure adequate funding, and will facilitate the means to attract the talents required. And it will help you hurdle any notion that the operation ishutterstock_309625574 values a cost center that merits only minimum investment.

There is a specific mindset that has been cultivated in leading organizations: They know that providing great customer experiences is not a program, an initiative, a department, or a specific set of capabilities; it’s much more – it is a way of doing business that spans the entire organization. When customer service is seen through that lens, it underscores the responsibility and opportunity of every functional area.

The contact center’s contributions generally fall into eight areas…read more.