Build the right skills, knowledge, and leaders

When developing an effective customer service strategy, you will need to include how to build the right skills, knowledge, and leaders. I’ve found in many cases those working on strategy will either under or overestimate the level of effort required by the people step. Some will assume, “Well, we just need to hire the right people and the rest will follow.” Others get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what’s required: recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, and organizational structure, to name just a few. Find the middle ground here. Remember that you’re developing a customer service strategy that will move you in the right direction, not detailed operational plans.

In this video from my LinkedIn Learning course Customer Service Strategy, you will consider five major areas concerning employee selection and development that will significantly strengthen your customer service strategy.

Build the right skills, knowledge, and leaders from Customer Service Strategy by Brad Cleveland

Brad Cleveland delivering the video course Customer Service Strategy