Cultivating Customer Advocates

Consider these numbers:

  • Word of mouth drives 20–50% of all purchase decisions. (McKinsey)
  • Advocate customers spend 2 times more than regular customers, and because they stay longer, have a customer lifetime value 5 times greater than regular customers. (Bain & Company)

Advocate customers are powerful. They benefit your organization in direct ways (e.g., greater lifetime value) and indirect ways (e.g., word of mouth). You can (and should) cultivate customer advocates.

Follow this link to an infographic that illustrates “The Hierarchy of Advocate Needs” (Dylan Foster, Advocate Marketing Blog). This is one way to differentiate between levels of customer advocates.

Next, create a pyramid that reflects ways your organization can engage with your customers who are advocates. (Suggestion: start simple! For example, begin with two layers, representing newer or passive advocates and long-time or active advocates. Add more nuanced layers as your organization can manage them.)