How Customer Service Drives Innovation

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Australia Zoo, which is owned by the family of the late Steve Irwin. Irwin’s documentaries on wildlife and conservation helped make the zoo a popular tourist destination.

As they describe it, “the Australia Zoo is a team of passionate conservationists working around the clock to deliver an animal experience like no other.” And do they ever! I held a koala, patted a two-ton white rhino, and was awed by the expertise of the zoo’s veterinarian hospital team, who were preparing to operate on a short-beaked echidna (porcupine-like animal) that had been injured by a car.

“These experiences are hand-tailored by our customers,” explained our guide. “It’s in serving them that we learn how to shape and improve education and visitor packages.” Well put. And that opportunity is available to any organization.

Take the conversation around the value of service to a whole different level as you consider how your organization can drive innovation through customer service. You’ll find some insight into this topic in a past issue of The Edge of Service® Newsletter.