Implementing Video Chat?

Are you considering adding video to your contact center? Video chat is an access channel that can certainly distinguish you from competitors. And with the technology barriers coming down, more companies are seriously considering adding this channel into their customer access mix. Amazon, Land’s End and others have already jumped in, with shutterstock_265897085 vchatothers soon to follow.

Forrester’s Art Schoeller offers this sound advice (in a paper on the subject):

  • Ensure you have solid baseline data to measure the impact of video chat
  • Strategically pilot your video chat and survey customers for feedback on their experience
  • Prioritize solutions that support WebRTC (the technical enabler)
  • Ensure your back-end architecture is able to support video
  • Engage customer experience design experts for web and agent desktop interface changes
  • And of course, choose agents who have the required video skills

(Source: See Me, Serve Me: Video Chat For Customer Service Starts To Take Hold. The Technology Arrives, But Does It Improve The Customer Experience? Forrester Research, April 23, 2014)