Navigating Labor Shortage in Customer Service: 3 Steps You Can Take Now

You’ve likely seen the signs posted in retail and restaurants: “Please be patient with our team.”

You’ve probably heard similar delay announcements when contacting organizations: “Due to unusually heavy demand… “

Supply and production issues are, as Carrington York put it in a recent LinkedIn News story, “flipping the U.S. economy on its head.” And customer service operations are in the middle of the storm.

For customers, the inconveniences and waits are frustrating. For those responsible for customer service, the challenges are immediate and pervasive.

Gut-wrenching, frankly.

As a customer service leader, what can you do? Along with efforts you may already have in motion – to bring on the people you need, prevent, and automate work, or others – I want to suggest three powerful steps. Read more.

Learn more about these three steps in the article “Navigating Labor Shortage in Customer Service: 3 Steps You Can Take Now” by Brad Cleveland, published on

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