Reinforce the “Power of One”

Here are some of the steps organizations are taking to reinforce the power of one. Think through how you could approach them with your customer service team.

  • Educate each person on how much impact he or she has on the queue—incorporate these or similar scenarios into training.
  • Develop reasonable expectations for adherence to schedules. Customer service is as much when employees are available to help as it is the time they are available during a shift.
  • Educate everyone on the core steps involved in forecasting and resource planning, so that they know how schedules are produced and where they come from.
  • Develop appropriate priorities for the full range of tasks that your customer service employees handle and guidelines for how to respond to evolving conditions.

For an example of how to communicate the power of one to your team, take a look at The Edge of Service® Newsletter Issue 23: The Power of One.