The Best-Managed Contact Centers: #6 – They Leverage the Key Statistics

shutterstock_372924337 dataContact center measurements are plentiful and it’s easy to get buried in information. The contact centers that get the best results from using their reports and information have several things in common:

  • They focus on a relatively small number of measures and objectives that support their mission and direction. They know that trying to focus on too many things is counterproductive.
  • They ensure that measurements are as accurate, complete and unbiased as possible. They are aware of how easily statistics can be misinterpreted. They view reports in light of how they relate to each other. They know that a single report, outside the context of the others, can lead to erroneous conclusions.
  • They understand that simply tracking high-level measurements won’t inherently improve results. Instead, they work on the factors — the root causes — that cause these outputs to be where they are.

Excerpt from Call Center Management on Fast Forward, Brad Cleveland.