The Best Managed Contact Centers: #9 – They Get the Budget and Support They Need

Far too many contact centers are operating under the auspices of, “OK, here are the resources we’re willing to give you, and here’s what we want you to achieve …” That is the proverbial cart before the horse.

Consider an analogy. Airlines couldn’t possibly operate a flight without a tangible connection between the results they want to achieve and the supporting resources they need. They shutterstock_395565409 budgetstart with an objective — fly 300 people from Washington to London. The objective is not a wishful goal, but is a specific predetermined outcome supported by carefully calculated resources.

Similarly, the best contact centers first decide on the objectives they want to achieve. They then allocate the resources necessary to support those objective, through informed calculations and disciplined planning.

Excerpt from Call Center Management on Fast Forward, Brad Cleveland.

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