The Highest Level of Leadership

As 2017 comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect and consider plans for the new year. This past summer, I had the opportunity to spend time with four NFL quarterbacks, and hear their perspectives on leadership. These discussions reminded me of what Jim Collins refers to as “level 5” leadership—the highest level impact you can have. You can read more in The Edge of Service® Newsletter Issue 22: The Highest Level of Leadership. I hope it helps as you consider your own leadership goals for the new year.

The Edge of Service® Newsletter Issue 22: The Highest Level of Leadership

For several years, I facilitated workshops for a financial services company. The training occurred annually, over the course of a week, for new managers. This gave me a view into the organization that was like time lapse photography. The VP of customer service in the early years was charismatic, with big personality. The organization produced good results, and he was highly regarded as an effective leader.

But when he left for another opportunity, the organization struggled. Eventually, a new VP of customer service found her footing. She had a quiet, very understated leadership style, but I could see strength in the organization began to return. She, too, eventually moved to a different position, but the organization’s successes continued…Read more.