Three Overarching Levels of Value in Customer Service

As you begin to explore the value and ROI of customer service, I encourage you to ask your team, “How does customer service create value?” You’re probably going to get a range of answers. Some may say, “Customers that get great service tell others, so that’s like free marketing, right?” And someone else may suggest that service is a way to differentiate. “It’s easy for competitors to create similar products, but service? Now that could be a way to really stand out.” So which answer’s right? Well, all of them! And others. And that’s one of the most important principles to understanding the value of customer service. Don’t limit it to just one or two perspectives. View it more holistically.

In this video, from my LinkedIn Learning Course “Calculating the Value and ROI of Customer Service,” I discuss three levels on which effective service creates value.

Three overarching levels of value in customer service from Calculating the Value and ROI of Customer Service by Brad Cleveland