Update Your Customer Access Strategy for Social Media

To put effective social customer service in place, you need an updated customer access strategy. Put a team together and think through the following questions:

  • shutterstock_282131321 strategyCustomers: Who are they, where are they talking about your services, company, market and competitors?
  • Contact types: What kinds of conversations occur, e.g., inquiries, orders, policies, support, feedback, etc.?
  • Access alternatives: In additional to traditional connections (phone, email, et al.), what channels should you have for listening to and engaging with customers (e.g., blogs, rating sites, peer-to-peer communities, and key social sites)?
  • Hours of response: When will you be reachable? What will your customers expect?
  • Service level objectives: How fast do you intend to respond?
  • Agents required: Who will be trained and equipped to handle social interactions?
  • Information required: What information on customers, products, services and policies will they need?
  • Business unit collaboration: How will you capture and share information that can be used to improve products, services and processes?