Podcast Series: Customer Strategy and Management Brad Cleveland is known globally as one of today's foremost experts in customer strategy and management. He has worked across 45 states and in over 60 countries, and his clients have included many service leaders. In this series, Brad discusses customer service, call centers (contact centers), technical support centers, social media, and other customer-facing environments.

How to Build Profitable Relationships

Brad explains how successful organizations cultivate profitable relationships. Steps include understanding your customers, interacting with them personally, segmenting them sensibly, retaining the right customers, anticipating customers needs and offering solutions, increasing the value you provide, presenting a “single face” for your customers, creating business rules to automate processes, empowering your employees, and others.

Components Of an Effective Customer Access Strategy

In this podcast, Brad identifies the major components of an effective customer access strategy: customers, contact types, access alternatives, hours of operation, service level and response time objectives, routing methodology, people and technology resources needed, required information, analysis and improvement, and guidelines for deploying new services.